Beautiful and vast, with incredible lakes and rocky mountains, snow-capped peaks and stunning scenery –this is how you will see Bulgaria. We invite you to visit this beautiful country and make a fascinating journey through its mountainous expanses.

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In this trip you will find:

  • amazing panoramas of the two most beautiful mountain ranges in Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin.
  • the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula and the entire eastern part of Europe – Musala (2925 m);
  • the highest peak of Pirin Mountains – Vihren (2914 m).
  • stunning lakes and cascades of waterbodies, each has its own unique feature (Seven RilaLakes, Scary Lake, Dry Lake, Fish Lake, etc.)
  • ancient mountain Rila Monastery.
  • culture and traditions of the Bulgarians.
  • interesting company, only positive emotions and a lot of impressions!

Having visited mountainous part of Bulgaria, you will discover this countryfrom a totally different perspective. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And we help you see Bulgaria just the way we see it!


DAY 1 

Sofia – SaparevaBanya – Seven Rila Lakes

Group meetingin Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. If we have time, we see its main attractions: the old churches and cathedrals built in the Byzantine style, the mosque, itsbeautiful streets.

Then we take the bus to the townSaparevaBanya, which is also a spa resort. This town has healing mineral springs and unique geyser fountain with hot water, its height is fifteen meters. There are many health centers, churches and monuments.

But we do not stay here long, and immediately go to the unusual attraction of Bulgaria, the Seven Rila Lakes.

Each of them has its own name and feature: Babreka (The Kidney) – has the steep bank, Trilistnika (The Trefoil) – unusual shape, Salzata (The Tear) –the clearest water, Dolnotoezero (The Lower Lake) – is located on the lowest height of all, Bliznaka (The Twin) – the smallest among the seven lakes, Ribnotoezero (The Fish Lake) – the small lake and with a large population of fish, Okoto (Eye) – the lake almost flat oval with about forty meters deep.

The lakes are situated at an altitude of two thousand meters. This is where we stay for the night to enjoy all the beauty of nature and the sunset in particular.

DAY 2 

Seven Rila Lakes –Elena Lakes

Today we walk along the picturesque trail to Elena Lakes. Along the way we enjoy beautiful scenery of the mountains with numerous small lakes, some of them are thermal. This is a perfect opportunity to see the stunning panoramas of mountain range and Rila National Park. We will spend the night near the picturesque Elena Lakes.

DAY 3 

Elena Lakes–Scary Lake

Admiring the expanse of Rila National Park, we graduallyget to Scary Lake. When we get closer, it becomes clear why the lake has got its name – surrounded by high cliffs, the lake really in awe. Its depth beckonsto swim and yet scares off. We are staying for the night to enjoy all the natural charm of the place.

DAY 4 

Scary Lake – Dry Lake

Today we get to the pine forest, enjoy its beauty that brings certain diversity in mountain landscape. In the evening we will see the Dry Lake with its unique landscape. It seems that it is really dry, as the river, filling it goes straight into the ground. We stay for the night here.


Lightweight hike to the Rila Monastery

Gradually coming out of the forest we see the unique attraction of this area – the Rila Monastery. It was built in the tenth century in the mountains and remained a stronghold of Christianity all the time. The area of ​​the complex is about eight square kilometers. In the Monastery you can see a hundred cells that still serve as houses for the monks. Old buildings help to experience the culture and peculiarities of architecture in Bulgaria.

We go to the monastery without our stuff (without backpacks). After sightseeing we return back to the camp andstay for the night.

DAY 6 

Trail to Fish Lake

Today we are refreshed and strong again and we walk to the next lake, this time it is the Fish Lake. The trail is flat and beautiful and that allows fully enjoying the surrounding scenery. Gradually the tall pines are replaced with low alpine pine and the Fish Lake emerges in all its beauty; this is where we stay for the night.There is a shelter near the lake where you can buy sweets and other foodthere if you want something special.

DAY 7 

Fish Lake – Hrynchar Lake

Today’s walk is not particularly difficult, yet very beautiful. We will be delighted with a view of the entire Rila mountain range and even see the highest mountain in the Balkans – Musala Mount. We will also see tremendous Beli Iskar reservoir. We stop at the Hrynchar Lake.

DAY 8 

Musala Mount

Today we climb the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula and the entire eastern part of Europe – Musala (and we do it withoutour backpacks:). Its height is 2925 meters. It got its name in the days of the Ottoman Empire and it translates as “near God” or “place for prayer”. In the twentieth century it was called Stalin peak. However, later it was renamed.

In good weather, standing on such a great height one can see all the Rila National Park, and see the Pirin mountain range, which is located nearby.

DAY 9 

Yakoruda – Vihren

Today we get to the village of Yakoruda, after this settlement our way goes through the Pirin National Park. Our goal today is to get to the foot of Vihren Peak, the highest summit of this mountain range. Its height is 2914 meters.

Pirin National Park is not less beautiful than the Rila. There are about seventy glacial lakes, many beautiful caves and waterfalls.

DAY 10 

Vihren Mount

Having left our backpacks in the camp, we climb the highest peak of the massif–VihrenMount. It is the second highest mount in Bulgaria and only the third highest on the Balkan Peninsula. This name is fully justified as the wind on top is extremely strong. Since ancient times it was called “Top of the storms”. Which is also interesting, you can see the real white marble on the highest point of the mountain.

If the weather is good, we can enjoy a spectacular view not only on the Bulgaria, but also some of the neighboring countries. Even the wind can’t keep you from enjoying the stunning views, believe us!

On the slopes of the mountain you will find the rarest flower- edelweiss.

DAY 11 

Bansko – Sofia

We leave the mountains and go down to the town of Bansko. In the wintertime it is a popular ski resort. There we take a bus and return to Sofia. In the evening we fly home.

*DAY 12-13  

* You can stay for two days to make the trip from Sofia to the coast and enjoy the Bulgarian resorts.

  • transfer from Sofia to the start of the route
  • all campsites along the route
  • assistance in choice and purchase of air tickets
  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying).
  • 3 meals a day and a variety of delicious meals on the active part of the route (breakfast and dinner – and hot drinks, lunch – snack).
  • group equipment: gas equipment, lightweight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit
  • services of guides
  • advice on preparing for hiking
  • souvenir
  • airfare or bus fare
  • other transfers along the route (about 20 EUR)
  • optional excursions or activities, not mentioned in the program, and other personal expenses
  • visa to Bulgaria