27 April 2017
06 May 2017

Details about this tour

We invite all those in love with mountains and the sea (and those who still has no idea about it) to join us in the beautiful, sporty, low cost and truly exciting adventure – hiking on the Lycian Way with additional tour to fabulous Cappadocia!

Lycian Way is a tourist route along the Mediterranean coast in Turkey, one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world! This unforgettable trip is available for everybody with basic fitness level.

The goal of the trip is to spend time with pleasure and enjoy the beautiful spring nature of unexplored Turkey!

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Antalya – Goynuk – Deep Harmony Canyon

In the morning (group meeting on April 27 and the start of the journey is in the early morning on April 28) we take minibus to the start of our route – the village of Goynuk, and start moving from the coast into the mountains – to the rocky caves and lakes with striking water color. We stop at the beginning of the Göynük Canyon (or Deep Harmony Canyon) which is a picturesque gorge with a height of 350 metersand a width of 6 meters, a length of about 14 km. Having left our belongings in the camp, you may rent a wetsuit, life jacket, helmet (about $10) and swim deep into the canyon. Those interestedmayride on the quad bikes that are also offered for rent at the beginning of the canyon.

Day 2

Deep Harmony Canyon

First we climb the ridge to get around inaccessible canyon and then back down to the river. The trail goes through unusual Turkish forest, where pine trees neighbor a variety of exotic trees. Going down into the valley, we will go past the huge beautiful boulders. We stay for the night in a pine forest near the river and rocks.

Day 3

Upper Deep Harmony Canyon – Göynük Yayla – Gedelme

We go up the river to reach the plateau (Turkish Yayla), where inhabited places with pomegranate and orange orchards begin. In the evening we arrive to the village Gedelme. We stay for the night outside the village at the meadow near a huge 2500 years old plane tree and the ruins of ancient Genoese fortress.

Day 4

Gedelme – Yayla Kuzdere – Cukur Yayla saddle

In the morning we slowly climb to the mountain village of Yayla Kuzdere. Then, having risen through the fairy-tale forest with bizarre Lebanese cedars, we reach Cukur-Yayla saddle.We stay for the night on a large meadow between the cedars and boulders, with incredible views of the Turkish mountains including the highest point of the Lycian Way – Mountain Tahtali.

Day 5

Tahtali Dagi

This morning we have to conquer the mighty Mountain Tahtali. We leave our stuff in the camp (one of the guides is guarding, no worries:) and start climbing up – without backpacks it is rather easy. Along the way, we admire the stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges of the West Taurus and the Bay-Dag, and on top –mesmerizing view of the seaside; our trail for the next few days will be clearly visible. We spend enough time on the summit and go back to the camp where the guide is already waiting for us with the dinner ready. After dinner we take a walk around – Tahtalı saddle is really impressive and worth being seen. Here one will findsmall meadows of football field size, huge treesknocked to the ground by their age and winds blowing, immense boulders covered with emerald moss, and the fairy forest –the scenery is truly fascinating. In the evening we enjoy cup of warm cocoa by the fire.

Day 6

Tahtali Dagi – Beycik – Ulupinar – Cirali

Today we gradually move to the sea, to the Beycik village and walk through the pine forests. In the morning we will pass Beycik village with unusual restaurants in the trees. Then we move to the mountain range Ulupinar – this area is famous for trout farming, so in the village of Ulupinarwe will have a perfect chance to taste delicious trout. After delicious lunch we will order a dolmush (local taxi) from Ulupinar and drive directly  to the seashore – to a small village called Çıralı located in a cozy cove in the mountains, surrounded by orange and lemon orchards and pine trees. In Cirali we get to stunning and really huge beach of the same name, which is one of the ten best beaches in Turkey. This area is also protected by state –loggerhead sea turtles (Carettacaretta)come here to lay eggs. Local authorities do not allow staying at the beach with a tent, so we have planned two nights in a cozy campsite (with fresh water and facilities).

Day 7 

Cirali – Olympos Ruins – Lights of Chimaera

Today, we advise you to get up a little earlier and enjoy the incredible sunrise – watching the sun lazily rising from the Mediterranean turquoise water is really worth it.

We have planned a day of rest on the coast, but it does not mean that the rest will not be active:) We walk along Cirali that is surrounded by greenery and flowers in springtime, get to the end of the beach and proceed to another local landmark, which is not known a wide range of tourists and not advertised (which is quite surprising). This is a small cave a few kilometers from the beach. Even the path to the cave is very beautiful –it goes along the sea at low altitude and this gives the opportunity to admire the sea from a height. The cave is located directly beside the sea and it is a crosscutting – going down from the surface you can get straight to the water.

We explore the cave and the nearby bays; one of them has incredible natural stone arch. Those willing to swim in the sea and extreme sports fans can jump into the water from the beautiful cliffs.

Then we can get into the very heart of the ancient city of Olympos – it is a big complex with antique ancient sarcophagi, Greek theater, ancient gates and forts.

After we go back to the campsite, enjoy its friendly and peaceful atmosphere, admire the local sea.

In the evening we will visit Mount Chimaera (Turkish Yanartas), where we find “eternal flames” burning straight from the ground. According to ancient legend, the ancient Greek hero Bellerophon defeated the terrible fire-breathing monster – Chimaera, who was terrorizing the entire Lycia. This was the winged horse Pegasus that has helped the hero; Pegasus trampled Chimera into the ground, but Chimaera is still alive and shouts out flames from underground. Taking into account that the view of this natural wonder is best after sunset.

The sea in every Turkish village is special … For example Cirali has a secret – plankton glowing in the darkness of the night. Fabulous view!

Day 8

Cirali–Bay of Cleopatra – Tekirova

In the morning we say goodbye to the village of Çıralı and moveon the path along the coast, heading towards the village of Tekirova. All day we are surrounded by fragrant pine trees and fantastic sea cliffs, moving along the beautiful and picturesque bays of the Mediterranean, admiring lagoons with crystal clear turquoise water. We will visit the Bay of Cleopatra: the name was given to the bay because someone saw one of the rocks looks like her face.

We stop for the night in one of the bays before we reach the village of Tekirova. Beautiful, quite wild and secluded place is perfect for the evening of farewell to the Lycian Way.

Day 9 

Tekirova – Antalya

In the morningwe watch the sunrise, swim in the sea, pack our backpacks and move to the village of Tekirova. Then we take a bus to Antalya. In Antalya we have some free time to walk around the old town with its narrow streets in original Ottoman style. In the eveningwe leave this beautiful country (you may choose departure flights starting from 4pm on May 6).

  • all transfers on a route (transfers from the Antalya to the start of the route, from Ulupinar to Cirali, from Tekirova to Antalya) 

  • 3 meals a day and a variety of delicious meals on the route (breakfast and dinner – hot meals and drinks, lunch – snack)

  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying)

  • group equipment: gas equipment, lightweight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit

  • accommodation in the paid camping (2 nights)

  • recreational fees (entrance fees to preserved areas and national parks on the route)

  • services of guides

  • advice on preparing for a hike

  • souvenir

  • air tickets (the organizers will help to choose and buy tickets)

  • medical insurance (not required, issued at request)

  • souvenirs,

  • additional tours or activities, not mentioned in the program, and other personal expenses


* If you are not planning a trip to Cappadocia but want to extend your stay in Turkey, you can stay for a few days in Antalya after a hike and we will gladly help you to choose the tickets to the desired date, and chooselow-cost optionsof comfortable hotels with convenient location.

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