08 July 2018
16 July 2018

Details about this tour

Rough beauty of Iceland – the birthplace of volcanoes, uncontrolled geysers, keeper of glaciers and endless mountain ranges. In just 9 days we will travel the expanses of this country and get acquainted with the special magic of nature!

Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. To financially facilitate our trip, we will spend the nights in camping (in tents), and moveon rented cars, adapted to local roads, and not by buses. The company of 8-10 tourists is quite enough for two cars.

Route by dayThe price includesThe price does not include
DAY 1 

Reykjavik, group meeting

The group meets in Reykjavik in a local campsite. You will enjoy comfortable, unhurried arrival – every half hour there are buses from the airport that will take you to the necessary camping (the price is $20).

The group meets in camping (there are vacant places always, reservation is not needed), we put tents and get acquainted with the members of the group. If we have time, we will take a walk in the historical center of Reykjavik andget acquainted with the local architecture.

DAY 2 

Skogafoss, Vik, Höbn

We wake up in the early morning. The cars we have booked in advance are waiting for us in the rental office. Our way starts on the road number 1. Since this is the only asphalted road, big part of our trip we will go this road.

Soon we will stop at some of the most beautiful waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. Be sure to make a photo. We will walk for about four kilometers and get to the remnants of a military aircraft, which made an emergency landing at a local beach more than 40 years ago.

We will walk along the black beach that consists of volcanic lava and will see the basalt columns in the middle of the ocean. Local legends say that these are trolls, petrified by the sun.

We have good lunch and move forward. In the evening, we arrive to a unique place, the biggest glacier lagoon of the country-Jokulsarlon. It is incredibly big lake, filled with dark thawed glacial water and surrounded by huge blocks and ice rocks.

In the evening, we arrive to the small town of Höbn; there we set tents for the night.

DAY 3 

Höbn – Dettifoss

After a walk in the town of Höbn, we return to the campsite, pack our belongings and go.

First, the road runs along the boundless ocean waters on one side, and on the other – between the nearby “chocolate” mountains. Sometimes we stop and take pictures.

A few hours later (200 kilometers will be covered), we pass the mountain range. In this area, in the depths of the island, there is no asphalt, which means you need to drive carefully, reducing the speed to a minimum. We descend from the mountains directly to the town of Egilsstadir, based on Lake Lagarfljót, also known as Lögurinn. If you believe the legends, here Lagarfljót worm monster hides – Loch Ness monster of Iceland. We stop at a local store or cafe to have a hearty lunch.

At this point, the eastern part of Iceland is practically over and we are heading west. We traveled around Vatnayöküll – a mighty, huge glacier, the largest in Iceland.

The variety of natural panoramas amazes! Earlier we saw thousands of square kilometers of ice, with no end visible, unique black beaches, chains of crystal mountain streams and dark blue lakes like the night sky! Now we see stern gray stone deserts in the embrace of piercing winds.

Closer to noon, our way leads to the most powerful waterfall in Europe – Dettifoss. This impressive view provokes the feeling of dizziness and delight! Energy is simply unreal!

If the weather conditions allow us, we will climb another 1 km upstream to the waterfall – Selfoss.

The day comes to an end place in the camping near Lake Myvatn.

DAY 4 

Mivatn, Hverir, Krafla, Dimmuborgir

This day is the richest in impressions of our entire journey.

We wake up earlier than usual. We do not pack our things and tents, as we will walk near the town.

Visiting the geothermal area of ​​Hverir. This is an area of ​​increased volcanic activity – we will see boiling, filled with sulfur mud pits, hissing stones and gray steam clubs. Truly a terrible beauty! This natural power is the source of energy for local geothermal power plants.

Our way goes to the Krafla volcano. There we will walk along the Viti volcano crate; it is filled with water, and the fields around are covered with frozen lava. We’ll look into the cave with a warm thermal spring inside called Grjótagjá.

We willclimb the crater of the Hverfjall volcano and will see the incredible expanses and harsh beauty of Iceland!

Next, we approach the rock lava formation with the bizarre name Dimmuborgir. A local legend says that this place is the gateway to the underworld.

Upon returning to the campsite, after lunch, we can continue the evening in a civilized geothermal baths. There are some cultivated hot springs. However, the cost is  about 30 euros.

DAY 5 

Husavik, Godafoss, Akureyri

Having left Mivatn, we go further to the next stop, a small town by the sea – Husavik. Here we will enjoy a sea tour, popular among tourists – to see whales. For about 85 euros, you are given a special waterproof suit for rent, and sent on a small boat to the fjord (bay) of Skjálfandi. The only downside is there is no guarantee that you will see a whale, and you will be warned about it at once.

An alternative to looking for whales in the sea can be a local whale museum. You can get a lot of interesting information.

Let’s continue our journey. The next stop will be at the Godafoss waterfall.

Closer to the evening we arrive to the city of Akureyri. We set tents in the local campsite. Late in the evening, if you want, you can take a walk in the city.

DAY 6 

Borgarvirk, Vatnsnes, Hvammstangi

Our day starts early. The next place we will visit is the Gaumbaer museum-farm. This is a small complex of peat houses, more like a dugout, covered with grass and grass. Like huts from fairy tales about gnomes and elves.

In a couple of hours, we drive up to the rock fortress – Borgarvirk. It is believed that in ancient times the Vikings used this basalt stone block as a fortress.

Next, we head towards the northern peninsula of Vatnsnes. The most popular attraction of these areas is a giant rock resembling an elephant, called Hvitserkur.

Then we will walk to place where one of the largest dens of seals in Icelandis located.

Driving along the Gulf of Hunafloi, you can often see huge whales. On the green pastures, flocks of fat sheep and herds of thoroughbred horses walk.

In the evening, we come to the town of Hvammstangi and we stay for the night in campsite.

DAY 7 

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Today we will enjoy the beauties of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. The day will be quite complicated and full of events. We head to the west around the Gulf of Hrútafjörður. On the way, we’ll stop by for a couple of minutes in the supermarket, as a fun excursion. You have never seen such high prices!

We reach one of the most famous and recognizable places – Kirkjufell Mountain. This is a favorite place for photographers, the location of stunning beauty!

We continue our journey, and soon we enjoythe views of the national park and volcano of the same name Snaefellsjökull. It became world famous thanks to Jules Verne, who sent his heroes to the center of the earth through the bowels of this volcano.

We will sure have an excursion to a deep dungeon – the lava cave of Vatnsherllir. We will enjoy a delightful walk along the shore; near the sea, we will see the rock arch Gatklettur.

The final point of the excursion and the last attraction for today is a huge, tortuous canyon.

We stop at the campsite of the town of Akranes; here we stay for the night.

DAY 8 

Golden Circle of Iceland – Reykjavik

Golden Circle is the traditional and most popular tourist route of Iceland. Here we become a park of a lively flow of tourists, and once again get used to civilization.

We head to the National Park Thingvellir, which is located at the junction of European and American continental plateau. This is historical treasure of Iceland – here Althing, the oldest parliament in the world was created.

Further, we go to the valley, dotted with boiling active geysers, after that we move to the most powerful waterfall of Iceland – Güdlfoss, a golden waterfall.

On the way back, we will also see the cathedral in Skalholtand a small (by local standards) volcanic crater Kerid.

The final stop is in the central campsite of Reykjavik.

DAY 9 

Going home

Before departure, there is time for a walk around Reykjavik to buy gifts and souvenirs for your relatives and visit the central cathedral.

We pack our belongings and perform banal, yet touching ritual – we throw a coin into the sea to come back one day! After this, we return rented cars and leave for the airport.

Believe us,it will not take even five minutes after you sit in the airplane chair that you want to repeat the unforgettable adventure that you have lived during these days!


  • car rental + fuel;
  • accommodation in campsites along the route;
  • 2 meals a day on active part of the trip (breakfast and dinner – hotmealand drinks);
  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying);
  • group equipment: gas equipment, lightweight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit
  • services of Russian-speaking guides;
  • advice on preparing for hiking;
  • souvenir.
  • air travel (the organizers will coordinate the process of buying air tickets);
  • visa to Iceland (Schengen, organizers will help to obtain visa) or biometric passport (in this case visa is not required);
  • medical insurance (the organizers can help);
  • rent of hiking equipment;
  • lunch meals;
  • auto insurance franchise (in case of damage, all the members of the group chip in);
  • paid attractions or entertainment not listed in the program, other personal expenses.
  • * The total amount of additional expenses – 300-500$ (depends on your appetite); we recommend taking a bank card instead of cash.

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