30 June 2018
07 July 2018

Details about this tour

Traveling to Iceland is like a tour to another planet. The contrast of a white wave on black sand, all shades of greenery and stunning landscapes, unreal geysers and crystal clear lakes –all you can do is gaze at the beauty of our planet and make masterpieces forinstagram. Only the lazy ones did not try to eat, pray, love and enlightenment in Asia. But it is in Iceland that you really look at the world like the very first time and find that the colors can be so saturated, the air – so fresh and the water – so transparent!

We will re-discover not only the world, but ourselves as well. After all, we will trek through the colored mountains, volcanic deserts and mesmerizing canyons. After all the trials and the beauties you see, by return you will be a new person: proud and even more in love with the world. And we will help overcome the difficulties, share the enthusiasm and show you the most stunning views of amazing Iceland.

In this hike we plan overnight stays only in campsites with comfortable conditions – toilet, shower, hot water, sometimes a kitchen and wi-fi. That is, even during the rain (which in Iceland is rather common) you can sleep in warmth and comfort. It should be noted that the summer in Iceland is not the same as in other European countries – the temperature will rarely be above 15 degrees, precipitation and windy weather are also possible. But believe us, we will have an excellent motivation – it’s worth fighting any weather to see some of the most beautiful places on the planet! Good equipment will simplify this task, therefore it is necessary to prepare as much as possible

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DAY 1 

Flight to Reykjavik, group meeting in campsite

All the participants of the tour come from different cities and even countries, so everyone flies on his own. But we will not leave you without support and will find the most convenient and profitable flights. There are no direct flights from the CIS to Iceland, so we are looking for options with transit stops (usually in Europe).

For the first time we will meet all together in the center of Reykjavik, in a tent camping. Do not be afraid to get lost: there is a direct bus from the airport, and we will provide you with detailed instructions in advance. We will spend the night in tents, but with comfort: there is a shower, kitchen, sockets and even the thermal springs with a bath. Having arranged the camp and having discussed plans for tomorrow, we will still have several hours of daylight, so you can walk around the capital and get inspired for tomorrow’s exploits.


Roadtrip to the colored mountains, Landmannalaugar National Park, Bláhnjúkur volcano

We get up early: at 7 o’clock there is a bus waiting to take us to the mountains! We pack all our belongings, breakfast, leave everything superfluous in the storage room and start our journey. Get ready for 3 hours of normal roads with coffee breaks at gas stations and real adventures with off-road and crossing rivers. Do not worry, our bus is ready for such difficulties and in 5 hours it will take us to completely new landscapes. On the way we train to pronounce the name of the national park where we are now going: Landmannulaugar. On the spot we understand that it is useless: you forget everything in the worldwhen you see this beauty around. But when there are colored mountains of volcanic rocks and emerald moss around you – is it so important what the name of the national park is?:)

We arrive to Landmannalaugar about 12 o’clock. We stop in campsite, have lunch;having left heavy things for a while, without our backpacks climb the Bláhnjúkurvolcano. It is not in vain that it is called the Blue peak: the base of the mountain is of amazing greenish-blue color, and at a height of 940 m there is marvelous panorama of the valley of the river Jökulgilskvisi. The way down goes through a real labyrinth of frozen lava.

After such a day we deserve a good rest: dinner in the camping, bathing in the thermal river and good sleep.

DAY 3 

Passes, another volcano – Brennisteinsalda, overnight stay on stone plateau

And here comes our first full-fledged walking day. We continue our way through the mountains of all the colors of the rainbow with the steam of hot springs right under our feet. We climbthe pass and the spurs of the Brennisteinsaldavolcano, its height is 885 m. We enjoy a picnic near the steam vent at the HamragilskvisiRiver – we warm up at the same time, because quite often there is a snow there at this time of the year.

We continue the way through the plateau, cross the 1030 mpass, and proudly we stop for the night behind the pass, on a stone plateau at 1074 m. We will experience the night in real hiking conditions: the plateau is cold and windy, so we strengthen the tents and even construct the walls for protection from the wind – we’ll show you what and how to doit:)

DAY 4 

Black and gray lava, warm valley and Swan Lake

Our morning is active – we cross snow-covered plateau at 900 m. There is a surprise on its edge: instead of multi-colored landscapes we will get into stylish monochrome landscapes from black and gray lava and bright green moss.

By lunchtime we will go down to the valley, where we will warm up, eat and restore strength. After the snowy plateau, the further path will seem a pleasant walk: we cross the river and go along the plain. We will spend the night in tents on the shore of the picturesque Swan Lake, and before going to sleep we will make beautiful pictures of the surrounding rocks.

DAY 5 

Volcanic desert, cold rivers and fantastic canyon Markarfljótsgljúfur

We are ready for the long and interesting day, and its beginning is rather invigorating: we wade through the river Bratthalskvisl, admiring the mountain panoramas. From the cozy Hvanngil shelter we cross the suspension bridge across the river Kaldaklofskvisl to get to the next adventure. There is a river Blafjallakvisl, it is wide and deep, and we shall get ready to crossing it. We change shoes, take off our trousers, and successfully cross the river, feeling like real heroes. Wishing to warm up, we rush to the next river – InnriEmstrua. Good news: we do not need to force it, and we hurry there to have lunch.

This is where the cosmos begins: a black volcanic desert and against this magnificence – the surreal bright green Hattafell Mount. Here the beauty comes in bunches: suddenly on one side we see the real glacier Mýrdalsjökull, and on the other – the impressive canyon Markarfljótsgljúfur. We will spend the nightin these picturesque places, comfortably sitting in the green ravine of the Emstrur-Botnar shelter at 520 m. In the evening we make a speed-march without backpacks to the canyon. We will sure be tired by that time, but the view of the canyon miraculously revives the spirit, we have already checked that!

DAY 6 

Desert, the Icelandic forest and that-very-volcano of the news – Eyyafyadlyayukudl

We cross the canyon over the bridge and continue our way through the desert. The landscape is not as monotonous as it may seem: we are surrounded by steep cliffs, and as we move forward the landscape comes alive, we see lots of grass and bushes The valley we go along leads straight to the volcano Eyyafyadlyayukudl and the glacier of the same name – yes, this is the very name that they tried in vain to say in all the news, when the planes did not fly because of seismic activity. Right now we are not rushing to it; admiring the Icelandic forest, we pass through the shallow river to the national park “Les Tora” and are surprised by the “full-grown” trees, birches and green grass. The height is only 100 m here, so the trees are not dwarfish, but quite usual.

After a rest at the Langidalur shelter (if we are lucky, there will be a store there!) we cross the spectacular Cross River (Oyono)over unusual wheeled trailer-bridgeand with a sense of accomplishment we camp in a picturesque glade.

DAY 7 

Gaining altitude, glaciers Mirdalsjöküldland Eyjafjadlayöküdl

After the week of hiking, we all stick together;we are tempered and ready for real trials. We are ready for the most difficult and unusual part of the trip – 1070 m pass between the glaciers of Mirdalsjöküldl and Eyjafjadlayöküdl. Most likely, there will be no snow on such height; but so far the pass looms somewhere ahead, and we have to go through picturesque panoramas of the Cross River.

We gain altitude, admiring the scenery – or escaping from the rain and wind. Approaching to the pass, we walk where 7 years ago the lava flowed – in 2010 the volcano Fimmvörðuháls erupted. We will closely see the fresh craters of Magniand Mody, and then we’ll start descending to the big water. But while the ocean is somewhere far away, there is the glacier Mirdalsjöküdl in front of us. After the glaciers and volcanoes it is necessary to reinforce the forces: we will do it in the Baldvinsskali shelter; after a while, we continue descent. Most likely we will be very tired, but spending the night in expensive and yet cold shelter without water is extremely uncomfortable, and the descent is uncomplicated. So for another 2 hours we march down and find ourselves in a stunning valley of waterfalls. We stop for the night on the bank of Skoga Riverwhere we fall asleep surrounded by the most beautiful water cascades.

DAY 8 

Waterfalls, back to Reykjavik and shower 🙂

The way back lies along the river, through small waterfalls, cascades and rock canyons. The Icelandic mountains say goodbye to us with the magnificent Skógafoss waterfall 60 meters high. We make a selfie and go down to the camping site: lunch, share impressions and wait for the bus.

On the way to Reykjavik we stop at the Seljyalandsfoss waterfall: we run under the streams of water, washing off fatigue, we make happy photos and go further. In the evening we are already in campsite in the capital – we take the things we have left in storage, place our tents for the night and try not to fight for hot shower:)

DAY 9 

Going home or… continue the roadtrip!

Well, our heroic hiking on another planet is over. You can walk along the capital with a clear conscience and fly home… and forever miss the green moss and unreal landscapes. Or you can jump into the minibus with us and continue the adventure! Now we will take you through the legendary “Golden Ring” of Iceland. Our trip is roadmovie style: we will race along the highway, stopping at the steepest places, drinking coffee at gas stations, spending the night in equipped campsites and buying food for dinner in supermarkets. We will see amazing geysers and black beaches, glacial lagoon and volcanic castle, funny seals and humpback whales, grandiose waterfalls and even places from the series of “The Game of Thrones”! After such a trip, you can sure say that you have visited the movie – and that you have walked and traveled all over Iceland.

  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying);
  • 3 meals a day and a variety of delicious meals on the active part of the trail (breakfast and dinner – and hot drinks, lunch – snack);
  • group equipment: gas equipment, lightweight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit
  • services of Russian-speaking guides;
  • advice on preparing for hiking;
  • souvenir.
  • air travel (the organizers will coordinate the process of buying air tickets);
  • visa to Iceland (Schengen, organizers will help to obtain visa) or biometric passport (in this case visa is not required);
  • medical insurance (the organizers can help);
  • overnight stays in campsites along the route ($20 per day);
  • transfer along the route (about $200);
  • rent of hiking equipment;
  • paid tours or entertainment not listed in the program, other personal expenses.
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