07 July 2017
16 July 2017

Details about this tour

Do you beckon colds of the Nordic countries, high mountain peaks, incredibly beautiful fjords, snow-capped glaciers, colorful cities with tiny houses? In any case, even if you are not yet aware of your desire to visit the North of the world, you should do it. We invite you to join us on amazing journey to Norway! It is perfect both for fans of mountain hiking and for those who want to visit the main attractions of the country.

Why should you go with us?

  • Special travel format:

Ussualy you can find tour programs, which propose to leave for 7-10 days in the National Park (mountains) and stay in the harsh conditions of Norwegian nature, enjoying the rocks and fog. Our journey is the complete opposite. We offer a tour of TOP Sights of Norway, which are known all over the world. During this short time you visit the Pulpit Rock and the legendary Trolltunga, climbs on extreme Kjeragbolten, walk through the old Bergen and the Waterfalls Valley in Kinsarvik, you will see incredible mountain lake Ringedalsvatnet and, of course, swims in the most beautiful Norwegian fjords.

“How are we going to do all this?” You ask. Thanks to well-thought-out movements, because in Norway the transport infrastructure (buses, ferries, trains) is very developed. We promise that the crossings will not be tedious for you – transportation here is the high level of comfort, chat with friends will not get bored, and the scenery outside the window will fascinate. Yes, you will spend a certain amount on transportation costs, but you will enrich yourself with so many impressions that you will never regret it! After all, Norway needs to go to fully enjoy its beauty.

  • Comfortable conditions and ultra-light backpack:

We live in a civilized camping, where there is everything for comfort – kitchen, shower, hot water, wi-fi (if you wish – you will have the opportunity to spend the night not in a tent but in a small house on the campsite). That is, even in the rain, you can be in warmth and comfort.

– We do not carry a heavy backpack: we have trekking with a small backpack with essentials. Also, we will travel by bus and ferry, so you do not have to carry big backpack!

– Comfortable overnight stays in picturesque Norwegian campsites and the absence of a heavy load behind you – all this will give you the opportunity to fully relax and really enjoy the journey.

– Thus, this tour suits the traveler even the initial level of physical fitness!

  • Perfect time and the best weather:

Mid-July – this is the perfect time to visit Norway: the air temperature is around 18-25 degrees (! and especially bright days even need to beware of sunburn), rains are minimal. And the most important – white nights: this phenomenon must be experienced at least once in a lifetime – in fact, the absence of sunset gives an opportunity even more time to enjoy the beauty around!

No time to think! Amazing Norway is waiting for you. Do not miss your chance and think about your vacation today, so you do not regret missed opportunities. Believe us, you will remember this adventure for a long time and it will bring only positive emotions.

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DAY 1 

Group meeting in Stavanger

Today we are going to the city of Stavanger. It is one of the largest and most beautiful in the country (the fourth largest), and the oil capital of Norway.

We arrive to camping that offers both places for tents and small houses – the choice is yours. We walk in the evening city, enjoy its beauty, and gain strength after the flight.

* Majority of the group arrives to Stavanger on the eve on July 6 at 6pm, it’s better to be in Stavanger at this time.


DAY 2 

Stavanger – Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

Today we are visiting the city, located on the shore of the picturesque Beau Fjord. Old part of the city is what usually attracts tourists. Here you can see how people used to live before and feel the spirit of Norway. Old harbor is also rather unusual place.

You can enjoy the Oil Museum, viewing platforms onValandshaug hill or Ullandshaug tower in the park (by the way, you canlook at the city in the evening as well, it is even more beautiful).

We leave our belongings at the campsite and slowly move to beautiful place Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock).To get there we need to go on the ferry and then climb up the hill. But the view is definitely worth it. Unique rock offering views of the fjord for kilometers below leaves a lasting impression.

Go back to Stavanger.

DAY 3 

Kjeragbolten – Lysefjord or Lysefjorden – Stavanger

Today we visit another unusual natural attraction – Kjeragbolten. This is a round stone that is stuck between two rocks. The uniqueness of this place is that the stone is about a kilometer above the ground. And you can sure get unforgettable emotions standing on it.

We also take a walk along Lysefjord and enjoy its incredible beauty and rocky cliffs. We return to Stavanger, where we spend the night.

DAY 4 

Stavanger – Odda

In the morning we pack and leave for the picturesque tourist town of Odda, stretching between the beautiful mountain lakes Hardangerfjord and Sandvinvatnet. It is here that tourists come to visit the legendary Trolltunga, stroll along the third largest glacier in Norway – Folgefonna. The area is popular for both hikers and mountaineers, the latter are offered lots of trails here.

We spend the night around the picturesque lake to gain strength before traveling to Trolltunga.

DAY 5 


Today we gradually climb to the legendary Trolltunga – a large stone ledge, which is the hallmark of Norway since it offers a magnificent view. This horizontal piece of rock attracts hundreds of tourists who usually come here for one day, trying to leave this place until dark.

But we will do differently. We will come here and pitch camp nearby. WE will not only Mke photos at sunset, but we will also enjoy the incredible sunrise on Trolltunga as there are no tourists in the early morning and it will be completely at our disposal.

DAY 6 

Ringedalsvatnet Lake

Waking up early to watch the sunrise on Trolltunga. Once again, we take pictures and adore this unique place. After we go down to a number of picturesque lakes and unique system of dams, which will actually help us to cross the water.

Enjoying the Norwegian landscapes we stay overnight nearthe huts.

DAY 7 

Odda: reserve day (Folgefonna glacier)

Today we have a reserve day ( because we must have a small reserve in order to climb to the Trolltunga  successfully). Well, in case of good weather conditions, we will definitely find what to do. The fact is that there are many famous places nearby, in which you can make radial walks.

And one of them is Norway’s third largest glacier – Folgefonna. The ascent of his spur is not at all vivid, and the view opens astounding both on the glacier itself and on the valley below. Here you will have feeling that you are in a Jurassic period!

DAY 8 

Kinsarvik: Waterfalls Valley

Today we spend time in a fabulous place – the Waterfalls Valley awaits us. It is located in the town of Kinsarvik, which is 30 minutes by bus from Odda. It is truly incredible: a beautiful path through a dense forest and stones covered with dense moss, will open to us the exits to four huge and mighty waterfalls. This place for some reason is undeservedly deprived of the attention of many tourists, but believe us – it will inspire you!

The walk will be easy (without backpacks) and uncomplicated, but you will have a whole backpack of  impressions 🙂

After that we will return to Odda to our lovely campsite.


Odda – Bergen

The first part of this day will be dedicated to movings (bus and ferry). However, we will also enjoy the unique mountain open spaces and the plains of Norway!

Soon we will arrive in the ancient city of Bergen. Here we will rent a hostel or a big house for the whole our group. We will have supper, take a shower and in the evening will walk around.

The famous Hanseatic embankment – the visiting card of Bergen – looks especially romantic with the onset of twilight. In addition, you probably want to relax peacefully in one of the cozy restaurants located on the waterfront.

DAY 10 

Bergen – home

Today we discover the city of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. It is about 700 years old. The city is beautiful, there is much to see. For example, one of excellent options is to get to one of the hills on the cable car and visit the observation deck, where the city can be seen at a glance.

In the morning we recommend to go to the fish market. They sell a lot of incredible variety of marine flora and fauna. Moreover, seafood, particularly exotic, is much cheaper here than in our country.

It is also interesting to simply walk around, go to the pier and enjoy the views of the city, plunge into its spirit.


  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying);
  • 3 meals a day and a variety of delicious meals on the active part of the trail (breakfast and dinner – and hot drinks, lunch – snack);
  • group equipment: gas equipment, lightweight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit
  • services of guides;
  • advice on preparing for hiking;
  • souvenir.
  • flights;
  • visa to Norway (Schengen);
  • staying in camping/hostels along the route (around 150 euro);
  • transfers along the route 9around 300 euro);
  • optional excursions or activities, not mentioned in the program, and other personal expenses.
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