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We invite you to discover the hiking paradise – sunny and fragrant Cyprus!

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Plunge into the magic atmosphere of ancient times, explore the mountain and coastal pathsthe beautiful Aphrodite was walking, enjoy stunningly beautiful Mediterranean beaches, cliffy shores with marine caves, dissolve in the smells of fresh greens, see a flock of pink flamingos with your own eyes – all this can become a reality!

Light-level tracking on Cyprus with a team of friendly, bright and cheerful like-minded enthusiasts will bring a fresh batch of ecstasy into your life and will really charge you with energy!




Group meeting at Larnaca airport (group meeting from 12.00 am to 2pm, it is also possible to arrive in the evening the same day).

Upon arrival, we take walk around Larnaca and get acquainted with its main attractions (Old Town, Church of Sts. Lazarus, harbor), including its place of pride –LarnacaSalt Lake (Aliki). This is one of the most important water bodies in Cyprus, protected by the International Ramsar Convention (protects habitat for waterfowl). This is where flamingos come towinter! And we will have a pretty high chance to see these amazing birds.

Near the lake, we see famous Hala Sultan Tekke or the Mosque of Umm Haram,the fourth of the major holiest sites of Islam (after Mecca, Medina and Al Aqsa in Jerusalem). It was built in honor of a noble woman named Umm Haram (Turkish: Hala Sultan)who deceased at this place and according to one legend, she was a wet nurse of Prophet Muhammad.

We walk to the Salt Lake, admire the sunset on the background of ancient mosque and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere. Overnight accommodation is on the lakeshore in eucalyptus grove.

DAY 2 

Larnaca – Troodos

Today, we get used to the weather and warm local climate. After we enjoy the sunrise on the Salt Lake, we get packed and move to the center of the island – to the mountain range called the Troodos – here we start walking part of the tour. Today we admire the magnificent panorama, get acquainted with the unique relic plants that can be found only in these remote places. Be sure we also visit the unique Kykkos Monastery – one of the major shrines of Cyprus. The placeis known throughout the Orthodox world due to miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary Kykkotissa, which, according to legend, is one of three icons of the Virgin, painted by the Apostle Luke the Evangelist.

DAY 3 

Southern Troodos

Today we begin to move south through Mediterranean mountain forest: we see the relic cedars of Lebanon and authentic small villages. We also see a couple of the famous shrines in Cyprus – Monastery of St. John ofLampadistis and Trooditissa Monastery. We enjoy stunning waterfalls – Caledonia and Kantara. On winding forest paths along the rivers KriosPotamosand DiplosPotamos we will be surrounded by centuries-old oak trees, plane trees and strawberry trees.


Venetian bridges

Today we get to the Middle Ages! We see with pride of Troodos – its Venetian bridges. Arch bridges elegantly inscribed in the picturesque scenery of the mountains are the rare examples of architecture of the Venetian period in Cyprus. Why Venetian? At the end of the XV century queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro left the throne and handed the reins of the island to Venice. Using the happy occasionvenetianswere exporting all the valuable resources of Cyprus, mined in the mountains. To do this, they built the bridges on the trade route for thepack camels carrying copper. On our way, we enjoy the forest freshness aromas around and walk by three still existing Venetian bridges: Kelefos, Elia and Roudia; they gracefully connect the winding shoresof Diarizos river.

DAY 5 

Villages of the South Troodos –the coast

Today walking the picturesque pine trails we will discover many panoramic views – all day long, we will see the contrasts of lush greenery and rocky mountain slopes. Be sure to plunge into the local flavor of authentic and cozy mountain villages of Cyprus, each of them rich in history. Surrounded by almond groves, they are ideal for quiet relaxation and unity with nature. After the day on the trail,we move to the coast – to camping by the sea in town called Polis.

DAY 6 

Day’s rest: Polis – Baths of Aphrodite – Aphrodite trail – Fontana Amorosa – Polis

Day’s rest on the coast does not mean that the day will not be active and intensive. Having left our belongings in the camp, we go through one of the most interesting routes of Cyprus – Aphrodite trail. On the way, we enjoy the coral beaches and small islands. Our path goes to the pleasant and attractive place – the Baths of Aphrodite. According to legend, it was here the beautiful goddess Aphrodite was preparing for a date with her lover – handsome Adonis.She was taking a bath, enjoying the aroma of eucalyptus. Of course, the water with herbs in her pool was magic and was helping Aphrodite to keep her incredible beauty.The grotto is really amazingly beautiful, its water goes from the purest mountain spring –it was not accidental that the goddess of beauty chose this place for his earthly habitat.

Next, we take a walk to Fontana Amorosa bay – beautiful scenery is guaranteed!


DAY 7 

Polis – Akamas Nature Reserve – Lara Beach

Walking along the coast we can examine the smallest details of the bottom of the bays through the clear water. The entire route long we will be indulged by olive groves and mountains covered with pine forests, steep rocky shores with the sea running high … A sight that you will remember for a long time! In addition, we willbe delighted by the beautiful beaches with unique Lara Beach – areward for the day of walking.

DAY 8 

Day’s rest: Lara Beach

Lara Beach is one of the few locations in the Mediterranean, where on moonlit nights breaking hundreds of miles, endangered species of sea turtle Green Turtle and the Hawk’s Bill turtle come to lay eggs. There is a station on the beach where scientists observe the life of sea creatures and create special conditions for the protection of eggs laying from external threats. Today, we lay on the warm sand and soak up the warming rays of the sun (for those very active – trips to nearby cliffsare provided) and fully enjoy the beauty of this place!

DAY 9 

Lara Beach – Avakas Canyon

Today we spend the day studying another local attraction – AvakasCanyon. Its walls are built of the rocks of up to 7 million years old! They rise to a height of 30 m, gradually tapering upward and almost bounding up in some places, creating something similar to a tunnel. Due to the special humid climate, here we find variety of plants – cypress, juniper, wild fig trees, ferns and oaks, wild flowers. At the beginning of the canyon, where the distance between the top of the walls is about two meters, there is agigantic boulder stuck – a place truly wild and bewitching. After the canyonwe walk along the scenic coast, contemplating the turquoise seasand making our way through the banana groves; we keep the way to Paphos – Amazing city, rich with cultural heritage of Cyprus. Today is the perfect time and place to sum up the active part of our trip.

DAY 10 

Canyon Avakas – Coral Bay – Paphos

The active part of the tour is slowly ending… Along the scenic coast, contemplating the turquoise seas, making our way through the banana groves, we keep the way to Paphos! Today it’s time to discover the amazing historical places of Cyprus, to get acquainted with its rich culture. Paphoshas all this and even more. Tombs of the Kings, the underground church of saint Solomon, open-air archaeological museum (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the ancient harbor – this is by far uncomplete list of amazing places Paphos is famous for.

The last day of our holiday in Cyprus*. Depending on the time of departure, we arrive to the civilization in the morning of this day or in the evening the day before. Before the flight, you will have some time to explore Larnaca, buy some souvenirs and throw a coin into the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


*DAY 10 +

Perhaps some of you want to extend your vacation. If you have such an opportunity, we advise you not to miss this unique chance and spend a couple of days getting acquainted with Cyprus.

Usually, this is what the participants of the trip do, so you can still enjoy the wonderful warm days with fun and friendly company. Take a walk along the picturesque coastline to the best sandy beach in Coral Bay –it is crystal-clear sea, golden sand and a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and divers. Cyprus is famous for its beaches; many of these beaches are marked by a prestigious international EU award “Blue Flag” for the highest environmental standards and safety. Coral Bay beach is one of them. You will get acquainted with greatly busy, but yet quiet resort town of Coral Bay, the ancient settlement of MaaPalaiokastro, which is nearby, and of course enjoy the turquoise sea. See the place where Aphrodite was born – Petra touRomiou rock. You can also rent a car and take a trip to more remote locations – such as Cape Greco or Northern Cyprus. Believe us, the time spent in the company of fellow travelers after a hike will make the trip even more memorable!

  • 3 meals a day, variety of delicious meals on the route (breakfast and dinner – hot meals and drinks, lunch – snack)
  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying).
  • group equipment: gas equipment, light weight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit
  • services of guide
  • advice on preparing for hiking
  • assistance in choice and purchase of air  tickets
  • souvenir
  • air tickets (150-200 EUR)
  • medical insurance (not required to travel to Cyprus, issued at request)
  • travel along the route (up to 40 EUR)
  • meals in cafe/restaurants, accommodation in hotels/campings (optional)
  • souvenirs, additional tours or activities, not mentioned in the description, and other personal expenses.

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