22 June 2017
02 July 2017

Details about this tour

If you think that all you can do in Montenegro is visit the beaches and resort towns, you are greatly mistaken. Hiking in the mountain ranges Durmitor and Prokletije in Montenegro is unique and canchange your perception of the country. You will not regret!

In this trip you will find:

  • Incredible views of mountains!
  • Climb to the highest point of two mountain ranges – Mount Bobotov Kuk (2522 m.) and Mount Jezerce (2694 m.) and simply beautiful summits SavinKuk (2313 m.) and Maja Rosit (2525 m.).
  • Stunning glacial lakes Shkrka and Zelenyi Vyr.
  • Fairy Ice Cave with snow, stalactites and stalagmites even in the hottest summer time
  • Turquoise lagoon Oko Skakavice(St.Sava’s eye) – heavenly place, the dream of all romantics.
  • Extreme rafting down the Tara River canyon, full flowing and bubbling.
  • Culture and traditions of people of Montenegro.
  • Fun and exciting company you will not be bored with, a lot of emotions and positive impressions!

Visiting mountainous Montenegro, you will discover much new, plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility, mountains peace and at the same time the joy of going wild!

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DAY 1 

Group meeting – move to Komarnica

We meet in city Tivat (you should arrive in June 22 before 12:01pm). You can get to the city in different ways (by bus, plane). It is a small town located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor. It is popular for the Adriatic Sea, beaches and a variety of spa facilities. If we have time, we walk a little around the city and then move to the Komarnicavillage, where we spend the night.

DAY 2 

Komarnica – Shkrka Lake

Our mountain journey starts early in the morning. We climb through the picturesque Komarnica canyon with huge towering stones and cliffs. We reach Ivan do plateau, where you can enjoy incredible views and scenery of houses of shepherds.

After this, we go to Shkrka pass. For those who got there, it offers a great view of the mountain range, the main part of which is the majestic Mount Bobotov Kuk (Bobotov Peak), the highest in the country.

We stay for the night close to two mountain lakes ofShkrka. There is a tourist shelternearby. So if the weather is bad, we stay there for the night.

DAY 3 

Shkrka Lake – Samar Pass – Zelenyi Vyr Lake

Pack our stuff and leave the lakes, climbing higher and higher. Today’s move is not particularly long, but pretty cool. But the higher we get, the more spectacular are the views on the Dinaric Alps.

We will cross the Samar pass,its name is very symbolic as it coincides with the name of our clubJ. The end of today’s walkis the night at ZelenyiVyr Lake. It is secluded and beautiful, sort of a wildlife area, and we will be able to touch its pristine.

DAY 4 

Zelenyi Vyr – Mount Bobotov Kuk – Ice Cave – Lokvice

Leaving the lake, we start to climb. Today we will visit the highest mountain in Montenegro, Bobotov Peak with the height of 2,522 m.

Having reached the saddle below the mountain, we leave the backpacks and climb lightweight. There is a breathtaking view of the entire Durmitor, its rocky peaks, glacial lakes, valleys and mountain passes. It seems that the whole country is in the palm at your feet and you can even fly.

Then we go to explore the unique ice cave, where even in summer you can see ice stalactites and stalagmites. It is always cold here, but very interesting.

Then we descend to Lokvice valley and stay there for the night.

DAY 5 

Mountain Savin Kuk

Today, we go up to Savin Kuk. Its height is inferior to the previous top, it is 2313 meters. However, the scenery is same beautiful. If we are lucky with the weather, we may see incredible Durmitor in details.

Stay for the night not far from small crevice at the foot of Bear Mountain. There is a camping, so those willing may spend the night there.

DAY 6 

Rafting or ascent to Bear Mountain without backpacks

Today we will have leisure activities to choose. You may go to Tara River, which is part of Europe’s largest canyon, and not inferior to the well-known American Grand Canyon.

Here you will see the beautiful Đurđevića Tara Bridge, towering above the cliffs and the river. You may also try rafting here.

 An alternative to rafting would be radial ascent to Bear Mountain. It is quite picturesquein itself, plus it opens incredible view.

DAY 7 

Moving to Prokletije – Gusinje Village – Oko Skakavice (St. Sava’s eye) Lagoon

Today, we move to another mountain range called Prokletije (also known as the Albanian Alps (Alpet Shqiptare) and the Accursed Mountains). It is higher and not less picturesque. First we drive to the village of Gusinje, where we continue hiking route towards Skakavica river.

The final stage of today’s walk is a unique night stay near the lagoon with stunning blue water called Oko Skakavice (St. Sava’s eye).It resembles the most beautiful paradises of the planet.

DAY 8 

Mountain Maja Rosit

In the morning, we continue moving along the river Skakavica. Gradually we reach Ropoyana Valley. This is a unique place because this is a border between Montenegro and Albania. Outpost is located here. We move on to the territory of another country and leave our belongingshere to climb to the summit of Maja Rosit with its height 2525 meters.

DAY 9 

Jezerce Mountain

We continue staying on the territory of Albania. Today we go up toJezerce valley, where we see unique glacial lakes. Having indulged ourselves with this wonderful creation of the nature, we have to climb the highest mountain of Prokletije and of the entire country of Albania – Jezerce. Its height is 2694 meters. Its summit provides a magnificent view of Albania and Montenegro, rocky peaks, lakes and green forests at the foot of the mountains.

DAY 10 


Here the hiking part of our journey is coming to an end. We move to one of the most beautiful tourist towns of Montenegro, Kotor that is situated on the Adriatic coast.

Here we check in the hostel and all day long enjoy the beautiful views and sights of this place, sunbathon the beach, have fun and relax.

DAY 11 

Going home

Those willing to stay may do it or move to another resort town. All others leave the country and return home.

  • recreational fee for staying in Durmitor National Park;

  • camping in Zabljak (2 nights on the program);

  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying);

  • 3 meals a day and a variety of delicious meals on the active part of the trail (breakfast and dinner – and hot drinks, lunch – snack);

  • group equipment: gas equipment, lightweight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit

  • services of guides;

  • advice on preparing for hiking;

  • souvenir.

  • -flights;

  • transfers along the route (about 40 €);

  • hostel/hotel in Kotor (7 €);

  • rafting (on request, 45 €);

  • insurance – not obligatory, issued at request;

  • additional excursions or activities, not mentioned in the program, and other personal expenses.


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