18 March 2018
30 March 2018

Details about this tour

If you’re a fan of bicycle trips or just want to try a new kind of outdoor activities, we recommended to join our tour of the island of Cyprus. In just 13 days you will visit almost all the sights of the island:

  • visit the tourist centers of the island, the famous Ayia Napa, Paphos, Polis, Larnaca
  • see the ghost town of Varosha
  • visit the legendary Bath of Aphrodite
  • see pink flamingos
  • pass two mountain ranges: Kyrenia and Troodos
  • visit the Greek and Turkish part of Cyprus, will have a chance to compare peculiarities of different cultures and peoples
  • enjoy the unique mountain scenery and views of the Mediterranean, clean sandy beaches and clear water
  • get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the local people, their cuisine.

Plan your vacation today! Biking trip is a great opportunity to get new unforgettable emotions, meet like-minded people, and spend your vacation!

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Group meeting the Salt Lake

Today we meet near Larnaca city, unpack, set up our equipment, and just relax after the flight. We can visit unique Hala Sultan Tekke as we will spend the night not far from there. It is one of the most iconic Muslim shrines. The uniqueness of the temple is that it is dedicated to a woman, the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad.

We also enjoy the view on at the great Salt Lake, where the rare pink flamingos come to winter. According to the legend, the lake originated on the site of the damned vineyards.

DAY  2

Salt Lake – the city of Ayia Napa – Cape Greco

Today we get up early to do everything and go to Larnaca. We bicycle on its waterfront and enjoy views of the Mediterranean Sea. The road will run along the coast, so the whole day you will enjoy the unique scenery. Another iconic place is resort town of Ayia Napa. Here you will see the most beautiful sandy beaches, luxury hotels and tidy well-kept streets on the coast.

We’ll see “Lovers Tree” and “Sea cave” – incredible caves in the rocky seashore. According to the legend, this is where pirates hid treasures. We’ll see “Sinners’ Bridge” – natural stone bridge over the sea.

The final point of today’s ride would be the Cape Greco. This is miraculous stone grottos and bridges, which combined with transparent turquoise water, look simply amazing.

DAY  3

Cape Greco – Protaros city – the city of Famagusta – city of Salamis

Today we get up early and go to the Protaros city. There you will see how the locals of Greek part of Cyprus live. After that, we go to Deryneia and through its checkpoint leave the Greek part, and move to Turkish. It is very different in many features.

We’ll visit the unique city of Famagusta. It is an ancient fortress built in the 14th century. Many years ago, the Crusaders lived here. Quarter of the city called Varosha is of special interest too. Previously it belonged to the Greeks but during the Turkish invasion all residents were evacuated during two days. This area is closed and you cannot get inside. However, abandoned houses-ghosts are perfectly visible from afar.

At night we stay near the city of Salamis. It has long been the center of the ancient culture. Here you can see ancient amphitheater, the Temple of Zeus and other Greek monuments of architecture.

[su_heading]DAY 4[/su_heading]

City of Salamis – Kantara castle

Today we will conquer the pass in Kyrenia Mountains. The climb is only 550 meters. Climbing up, we will visit the village of Kantara, where we can get some rest. Then go to the fortress of Kantara. It offers a fabulous view of the Kyrenia Mountains and the entire island. We will spend the night not far from the fortress, gathering strength for the next day.


Kantara Castle – Pass

Today we will travel on mountains of the Turkish part of Cyprus. We will enjoy breathtaking views of the pine-covered hills, smooth sandy road will facilitate easy and relaxing trip. A small part of the road will go serpentine. We climb to the pass, where  we stay for the night.


Pass – the city of Girne (Kyrenia)

On this day, in the morning we will visit the ancient monastery Antifontis. It was created in the 12th century. Then on the good asphalt road surrounded by century-old pine trees we go to the city of Girne (Kyrenia), breaking several small passes on our way. We will visit Buffavento fortress created by the Byzantines in the 12th century. We will also pay our attention to the Bellapais Abbey located close to Girne. It is a monument of Gothic architects, created many years ago by the Crusaders.


City of Kyrenia (Girne) – Olive Garden

Kyrenia is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its small houses are located on the back of high mountains and the sea look fabulous. We’ll have a little walk around the city and continue our ride. Today we finally ascent to the ridge of the Kyrenia Mountains and approach to the Troodos.

The final point of the day would be the Olive Garden. According to the legend, it was set by knights of King Richard the Lionheart. Some olives are as much as 700 years old. This garden also has the ancient caves, ruined temple and a small valley with orchids.


Olive Garden – Troodos

We leave the olive garden and head to the mountains of Troodos. On the way we visit the city of Denizli, see the ancient ruins of the Sola city and Vouni fortress. We will leave the Turkish part of the island and move to the Greek. We go up to the pass, where we stay for the night at a comfortable green glade in the woods.


Troodos – Polis – Baths of Aphrodite

In the morning on a flat asphalt road, we go to the town of Polis. On our way we’ll pass tangerine and orange gardens. In the city, you can join the civilization, visit shops and cafes. After that, we take a ride to the legendary Baths of Aphrodite. It is believed that many years ago it was here that the goddess of love preferred to swim and spend time with young warrior Adonis. The water in the bath helps to heal from disease and keep youth long.

DAY 10

Baths of Aphrodite – Lara Beach

Today we bicycle on the road along the sea to the unique Lara Beach. Its peculiarity is that this is where turtles lay their eggs. This area is considered reserved. There is a research station on the beach. There is a cozy cafe nearby and beautiful stone caves and bridges we will visit.

DAY 11

Lara Beach – Avakas Canyon

After waking up on a beautiful beach, we go to the picturesque Avakas Canyon. It was formed by the river that flowed here many years ago. Steep canyon walls with roots and plants hanging are truly dazzling. In the canyon, there is a place where a large stone stuck. It reminds of the famous Kjeragbolten in Norway. We stay for the night at the entrance to the canyon.

DAY 12

Avakas Canyon – Paphos

Today we say farewell to the wild part of Cyprus and plunge into civilization. We arrive in the city of Paphos and check in into the hotel. There is much to see in the city. There are unique open-air museums with ancient tombs, beautiful churches and the waterfront. It is also full of cafes and shops.

DAY 13

Going home

We check out from the hotel in the morning, pack the bikes on the bus and go to Larnaca airport. Today we leave the hospitable Cyprus with the positive memories only.


  • 3 meals a day, variety of delicious meals on the route (breakfast and dinner – hot meals and drinks, lunch – snack)
  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying).
  • group equipment: gas equipment, light weight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit
  • services of guide
  • advice on preparing for hiking
  • assistance in choice and purchase of air  tickets
  • souvenir
  • air tickets (150-200 EUR)
  • medical insurance (not required to travel to Cyprus, issued at request)
  • meals in cafe/restaurants, accommodation in hotels/campings (optional)
  • souvenirs, additional tours or activities, not mentioned in the description, and other personal expenses.


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