02 April 2018
24 April 2018

Details about this tour

Climb to the famous Himalayan six-thousand-high Island Peak (6189 m) is a real test for brave tourists and, undoubtedly, the most amazing and unreal landscapes you have ever seen in your life. This beautiful and one of the most popular trekking routes of Nepal will definitely give you the fulfillment of your dreams. To get to the place at 6189 meters is an incredible self-victory and new opportunities of future high-altitude climbing the experience you have gained will give you.

It should be noted that this is a relatively easy ascent. A person who has some climbing skills (moving in crampons, handling rope, ascender, and figureof 8 descender) can cope with this ascent. Also, our guide can teach you these skills before you go climbing. The route is planned so that the body has an opportunity to acclimatize gradually. In addition, on the way to Island Peak, we will also visit the Everest Base Camp and will closely see the “roof of the world”!

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DAY 1 

Flight to Nepal (with transit stop in United Arab Emirates)

The group meets in Kathmandu. To get there, it’s best to use services of AirArabia or FlyDubai. In this case, you will have to make a long transit stop in the UAE, so it is recommended to take a sleeping bag, a book and everything that will help you spend the time in the airport with the greatest comfort.

DAY 2 

Group meeting in Kathmandu.

Upon arrival, buy Nepalese visa. You can also buy a SIM card for calls and Internet. We check into the hotel we booked in advance. In the afternoon we walk and look around. In the evening, the group will finally meet. This day we go to bed early because we will have to wake up early in the morning.

DAY 3 

Flight to Lukla.

In the morning we pack our things and go to the airport. You can leave some things that are not necessary for trekking (clothes for the city, for example) in the hotel. After the hike we will return here. We take a plane to Lukla. There are restrictions on baggage, since the planes are small. You can take only 10 kg of basic luggage and 5 kg of hand luggage.

In case we have lucky and the weather is good, we will quickly get there. Immediately upon arrival, the runway is the first thing that surprises. It ends with one end in the abyss. Locals and sunburned mountain tourists will also grab our attention.

We hire porters who will carry part of our belongings and keep our way to Phakding (2652 m). You will be delighted with the view of rice fields and picturesque small local houses.

DAY 4 

Namche Bazaar 3440 m.

Today our trip goes near a picturesque river. The main feature is that there are suspended bridges installed over it, and this provides us with beautiful views. We will gradually reach the settlement of Mongo. This is where the so-called Gate to Everest is located. We will be issued passes to enter the territory of the National Park and will continue our way.

We gradually gain altitude to reach Namche Bazaar at 3440 meters. We will walk through a beautiful pine forest with gorgeous wild pheasants. We will arrive to the village with nice cafes and authentic houses.

DAY 5 

Yeti scalp.Kumjung 3780 m.

This day we will walk without backpacks. The main task is to adapt to the height. We will slowly walk up to the plateau, trying to combat dizziness and weakness. We should move a lot to let the body overcome the mountain sickness. We will enjoy the views of the mountains and will make a lot of beautiful photos.

Having passed the hills, we reach the village of Khumjung at 3,780 meters. This is where the biggest Nepal wall for prayers is located. Also here we will visit a small monastery where there is a scalp of yeti displayed for tourists in a box!

After this we’ll walk to the farm where they breed the yaks. These are such large shaggy animals and they look really unusual. After that we will return to the shelter. On the way back we will see Syangboche runway.

DAY 6 

Tengboche (3860 m), Deboche (3,710 m)

We pack out things and walk along the beautiful mountain path, gradually descending and then again gaining altitude. We will see a magnificent landscape of distant six-thousand-height mountains with snow-capped peaks, valleys and a boundless sky. If the weather is good, we will even see Everest from here.

We’ll have lunch near the village of PhunkiTenga. After the village we will get to next checkpoint and start to climb to Tengboche. On the way we will see a real Buddhist temple, which we will of course visit. If you are lucky, we will also see the ceremony and singing of prayers, the traditions of local monks.

We’ll spend the night in the village of Deboche.

DAY 7 

Pangboche (3930 m), base camp of AmaDablam.

Today we will get to the Khumbu Glacier. We will get to lodge quickly enough, around lunch time. For this we will have to go up to the village of Pangboche. After this we will leave our belongings in the village and walk up without backpacks. Today we will come as close as possible to the base camp of AmaDablam Mount.

Gradually gaining height, we can enjoy the amazing mountain scenery; see the places of grazing of domestic animals and shepherds’ houses at 4200 meters. We gain height a little more and find ourselves near the base camp. Having looked at it, we will go down to a place of our overnight stay. Since it can be dark by this time, we will take our headlamps with us.

DAY 8 

Dingboche, walking up without backpacks to Nagartsang.

Today we pass a place where two rivers flow together: ImjaKhola and Khumbu Khola. There a gradual ascent begins. Our overnight stay will be in the village of Dingboche (4360 meters). Since it is not so long to walk there, after lunch, having left our belongings in the village, we will walk around without backpacks. We will go to the Nagartsang River. To acclimatize, today we will have to walk up to 5000 meters, enjoying the beautiful views and unique nature of the Himalayas.

DAY 9 

Lobuche 4910 m.

Today we take our backpacks and walk the snow-covered mountain spaces and narrow paths. We will get to Duhla. This village consists of only three houses. Here we will have a meal and relax before continuing the journey and climbing. Having walked only 300 meters, we will find ourselves near the beginning of Khumbu Glacier.

Near the Thekla pass we will see a monument to tourists who have not returned from the mountains. It looks like stone turrets with bright flags and ribbons. Here we will change our shoes for more comfortable pair for the snow.

After another hour, we will enter the village of Lodge, where we will spend the night. We leave our backpacks in the village and walk through the evening mountains, enjoying the clean air and incredible expanses. Today you need to climb the spur of Lobuche East Peak at 6,119 meters. Since at such altitude a mountain sickness usually starts, it is important to inform the guide about any discomforts.

DAY 10 

Gorakshep (5170 m), Kala Patthar (5550 m)

Today we come closer to the base camp and Mount Everest itself. Therefore, the trail will seem a bit more complicated. Despite a smooth and good path, drowsiness, headache, etc. may occur. But we have to combat the symptoms and slowly go, admiring the scenery.

By lunch we will be in Gorakshep. Here we leave heavy things; we’ll get warmer and walk up again. Since it may be windy, it’s worth taking your mittens. We will climb the mountain of Kala Patthar, whose height is 5550 meters. Those who managed to climb it, get a reward – incredible views of Mount Everest. We will also see small bright tents of the Base Camp near it. We walk down and gain strength for the coming days.

DAY 11 

Everest Base Camp.Lobuche.

We will visit a unique place – the base camp near Mount Everest. It is where all the ascents to Everest start, and where experienced tourists and mountaineers camp.

We get up early and start off right away. The walk will not be easy, as the air is cool in the morning. We will pass along the glacier, enjoying its amazing pictures. If we are lucky, then there will be many tents. But it all depends on the season. Sometimes they are few tents and few people there.

Having enjoyed the walk and the place, we go back to grab our things and gradually descend. We spend the night in Lobuche.

DAY 12 

Kongma La Pass (5535 m) or trail through Dingboche. Chukung 4700 m.

This day provides us with alternative program. We will go through the Kongma Pass or the path through Dingboche and Chukung. In fact, both options are beautiful and picturesque. Kongma La Pass has a height of 5535 meters.

Today’s walk will take the whole day, but we can do it: our body has already managed to acclimatize and get used to the mountain air and altitude. Our way goes in the direction of Island Peak Base Camp.

DAY 13 

Island Peak Summit Camp (5450 m).

This day will be dedicated to ascent to the base camp of the Island Peak. On the way, we will enjoy the view of incredible expanses and snow-capped mountain peaks. We will stop at the bivouac. We need to have a good rest before tomorrow’s climb, so we’ll go to bed early.

DAY 14

Ascent to the Island Peak 6189 m.

Since the ascent can take about 7 hours, we leave early. We dress warmly, so that a strong wind could not spoil all impressions. Overcoming all difficulties, the influence of height and weather, we reach the summit. To say that it has a stunning view is not to say anything at all. You just need to be there. Words can never render such emotions properly.

DAY 15 

Reserve day.

We always have extra day. We will need it if suddenly the weather gets worse and we will not be able to climb the mountain immediately. In case of a successful ascent, today we just rest, enjoy nature, we can walk around, take photos.

DAY 16 

Descent to Pangboche 3950 m.

We will gradually descent. The landscapes will please us same as before. The purpose of our day is to descend to the shelter in the village of Pangboche at 3950 meters.

Since the drop in height is significant, it will immediately become easier to breathe and walk; you will have energy to posein front of the camera and enjoy all the charms of the surrounding nature.

DAY 17

Descent to Namche Bazaar 3440 m.

In the morning we pack our backpacks and continue the descent. The final point is Namche Bazaar. It is located at 3440 meters above sea level. This is where we will again see grass and tress after many days in the high mountains, and the temperature will rise. The weather here is often foggy in the evening, so we will try to come to place of our overnight stay not too late. At the same time, do not forget to fully experience the charm of the Himalayas.

DAY 18

Descent to Lukla 2800 m.

Today we will go along the forest zone. Here, unlike all the previous places, there will be surprisingly a lot of oxygen, especially after the high mountains. So you can breathe it in full. Absolutely amazing representatives of the flora and fauna are not like the one we can see at home.

Upon arrival in Lukla, we find out the weather forecast and buy plane tickets to Kathmandu.

DAY 19 

Flight to Kathmandu.Sightseeing.

Early in the morning we go to the airport and wait for our flight. In case of good weather, we quickly reach Kathmandu. The city welcomes us with noise, bright colors and souvenirs. We will check in the hotel, clean up and go exploring the city.

Today we will visit the main attractions of the city: the popular Pashupatinath temple, a beautiful viewing platform (we will admire the monkeys on the road), souvenir shops and cafes.

DAY 20

Flight home or transfer to Chitwan.

If you want, you can go home today.

But you can stay for a few more days and move to Chitwan National Park (+150 dollars to the budget). There you see what a real jungle is like! There are rhinoceroses, elephants, tigers, and unique moisture-loving plants, monkeys and insects. The park is considered the third most popular tourist attraction in Nepal.

DAY 21

Walk through the jungle. Return to Kathmandu.

Today we will continue our walk through the jungle, make unique photos of animals, and enjoy this beautiful place. After this, we will move to Kathmandu. We’ll buy souvenirs, say goodbye to the Himalayas, because tomorrow we go home.

DAY 22

Going home.

Today we fly home by plane, most likely with a transit stop in the UAE.

DAY 23

This adventure is over and we hope that you’ve got truly stunning emotions. We will return home refreshed, because we conquered the top of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world – Island Peak!

  • All necessary permits: Island Peak climbing permit, admission to Sagarmatha National Park, TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) Card;
  • Accommodation in hotel in Kathmandu (3 nights);
  • Accommodation in lodges on the route;
  • Accommodation in tent camps during the ascents;
  • Advice on preparing for hiking;
  • Assistance with the purchase of air tickets;
  • Meeting in Kathmandu airport;
  • Meals on the route (partly): breakfasts in Kathmandu, breakfast and dinner – in the tent camp during the ascent;
  • Services of Russian-speaking guide;
  • Services of certified Nepalese guide;
  • Services of porters to carry group equipment;
  • Group equipment (high-altitude tents, gas equipment, gas, ropes, individual large bag for each participant, group first-aid kit);
  • Tourist certificate and club gift.
  • Flight (from $400);
  • Flight Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu(about $300);
  • Nepalese visa ($40);
  • Meals (about $15-25 per day, depends on your appetites);
  • Services of porter for carrying your personal equipment (about $150, optional);
  • Mountaineering insurance (includes helicopter evacuation services, mandatory);
  • Other expenses not indicated in the program.

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