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 Travel club SAMAR – the choice of active people!

Why choose SAMAR

Experienced guide

The guide, leading the group, thoroughly knows the route, so you will enjoy: well-chosen camping places with great views, absolutely all of the most important attractions on the route, best photo-points.


Hiking group is always a team supporting and encouraging each other. You will be surrounded by communication, optimism and humor because our goal is not just to follow a route and reach certain points on our way. We always strive to organize a tour where you get pleasure from everything that happens to you.


You will enjoy a varied and tasty food. Your menu will include meat and fish soups, borscht, meat and dairy sweet porridges with a variety of cereals; you will certainly like a variety of hot drinks and sweets for dessert, and for dinner, we usually enjoy hot porridge or hearty snack. We guarantee you will not be hungry.

Light backpack

In order to your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried: meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying). This greatly reduces the weight of your backpack, makes you feel more comfortable on the way, and therefore allows you to admire the surrounding beauty!


If you have any questions on preparations for the trip, you can always count on good advice. Moreover, if you go hiking with SAMAR, you do not have to worry about such issues as selection and purchase of air tickets, preparation of necessary documents to visit the country, drying food.


Alex Telizhenko

Founder, inspirer and energizer of the club. A person who is always ready for the adventures, who creates them!

Maryna Goga

Founder and “executive director” of the club Samar. The girl who is both the organizer and the guide.

Dmitry Vasyliev

The most kind guide in the club “SAMAR”, in love with the mountains with all his heart!

Constantyn Bolshak

He got sick with hiking in his native Carpathians and after the first hike realized that he would not never rest on sunbeds and beaches.