The Lycian Way (Western)

10 days

27 April - 6 May 2017

We invite all those in love with mountains and the sea (and those who still has no idea about it) to join us in the beautiful, sporty, low cost and truly exciting adventure – hiking on the Lycian Way with additional tour to fabulous Cappadocia!

Lycian Way is a tourist route along the Mediterranean coast in Turkey, one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world! This unforgettable trip is available for everybody with basic fitness level.

The goal of the trip is to spend time with pleasure and enjoy the beautiful spring nature of unexplored Turkey!

DatesPriceThe price includesThe price does not includeComplexity
27 April – 6 May 2017
195 $
  • recreational fees (entrance fees to preserved areas and national parks on the route)

  • 3 meals a day and a variety of delicious meals on the route (breakfast and dinner – hot meals and drinks, lunch – snack)

  • preparing food for the trip: to make your backpacks as lightweight as possible, all the food we take with us is dried – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread (the organizers do all the drying)

  • group equipment: gas equipment, lightweight pots, fuel, gps navigator, group medical kit, repair kit

  • accommodation in the paid camping (1 night on the program)

  • services of guides

  • advice on preparing for a hike

  • assistance in choice and purchase of air tickets

  • souvenir

  • air tickets 

  • medical insurance (not required, issued at request)

  • transfers on the route (about 40$)

  • additional tours or activities, not mentioned in the program, and other personal expenses


Medium: Overnight stays in tents / sleeping bags (2 nights on the seashore in the camping), normal physical preparation, transitions 12-15 km per day, weight of backpack 12-18 kg, experience of hiking is desirable, but not necessary (suitable for beginners).

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Daily itinerary

DAY 1 

Antalya – Fethiye – Ovacik

We meet at the airport of Antalya(group meeting on April 27 at 8am. If you wish, you may arrive a day earlier, some tour participants arrive on April 25 and 26) and take a microbus to Fethiye. This is where our fascinating journey begins. Having reached the village of Ovacik, we smoothly ascent through a pine forest enjoying the amazing views of the Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz lagoon). We stay for the night at the clearing in the wood.

DAY 2 

Ovacik – Babadag

We gradually gain height, scrambling along the branches of Babadagmountain range (1989 m). But believe us – most of the time we will look not at the mountains, but down at the sea. There you can see bays with turquoise water and a number of far islands. After the pass (720 m) we turn a little to the north and get closer to the stone “mirror” of Mount Babadag, which is also called “mecca of paragliding” (because paragliders from all over the world come here to enjoy the marvelous views of Oludeniz lagoon from the height of 2000 m). Walking through cedar forests that look rather fabulous, we ascend to BabadagPeak. We stay for the nightat a meadow with a spring near the village of Kirme.

DAY 3 

Faralya – ButterflyValley (Turkish: KelebeklerVadisi)

Today we will see one of the natural wonders of Turkey – the famous ButterflyValley. In addition to myriad of various butterflies, there are several high waterfalls and a wonderful bay with golden sand. The path here is somewhat complicated, so we’ll go down to the valley without backpacks, enjoy its beauty, swim in the bay and continue walking the wonderful shady trail along the sea.

DAY 4 

Faralya – Kabak

The day begins with the view of the beautiful waterfall. We will also have a chance to see the Butterfly Valley from another angle –and it is no less beautifulbecause the beauty and seclusion of this place is meant to be enjoyed forever… Yesterday in the Valley was kind of a training of climbing the rocks, so today we literally flya steep trackand at the very top and enjoy beautiful views. After this our path goes to posh uninhabited beach, where we enjoy our dinner and arrange a photo session against huge boulders. After lunchwe walk to the village of Kabak.

DAY 5 

Day’s rest: Kabak

After long walk we rightly deserve a holiday by the sea coast, so today our main task is to swim, sunbathand get maximum relaxation under warm sun rays in turquoise Mediterranean waters. But for those enthusiastic the day can be rather active – we will have the opportunity to climb the nearby rocks and mountains of extraordinary beauty without backpacks as we leave our luggage in the camp.

DAY 6 

Karadag – the gorge of Kara-Kartak – Alinka

Today we are back on the trail! We start at our camping siteand begin to traverse the gorge that splits the foot of the Kara-Dag Mountain. Boundless sea spaces will gradually be replaced by giant rock blocks and steep rocks. Today, the day will be special due to constant change of landscapes and their diversity. In a couple of hours we arrive toAlinka – authentic and cozy Turkish settlement. Here you can enjoy a splendid view of the coast. We stay for the night in a clearing near the village.

DAY 7 

Alinka – Bogazici

In the morning we start moving towards the village of Bogazici, where we can replenish food supplies. Along the way we willenjoy views of the mountain peaks that are seen far away and seem to touch the sky. Then by the coastal path we gradually climb to the northern spur of the Mount AlankaraTepe and camp on the ancient terraces.

DAY 8 

Belcegiz – Gavuragili

Just above our camp you’ll see the ruins of the ancient settlement of Sidima with Lycian tombs, towers and other antiquities. After the excursion we turn towards the sea along the path that goes into the forest. A shady path leads first to the small village of Bel, and then we cross the coastal ridge and the village of Belcegiz. After this we go down to the village of Gavuragili and stay for the night in one of the wild sea coves.

DAY 9 

Karadere Beach – Xanthos – Patara

Firstwe climb the small summit (271 m),and its top offers an excellent view of sandy beach from Karadere to Patara; the beach is 21 km long! We will also visit the ancient fortress of Pidnai. For a short time we say goodbye to the sea and on foot (or by minibus) we move from the sea to the vast ancient complex – the ruins of the Lycian city of Xanthos. The ancient city is now only a pair of arches and amphitheater. After this we move to Patara. These ruins have been preserved very well, much has been restored. Here is really much to see and enough attractions to wander a couple of hours. This isPatarawhere 1700 years ago Nicholas the Wonderworker was born, he is also known as Santa Claus. We stay for the night on the beachon the other end of this 21-kilometer beach.

DAY 10 

Patara – Antalya – going home*

Today is the last day of the hike, so before departure we will definitely swim in the morning sea. And saying goodbye to hospitable Turkey, we will throw a coin in its transparent waters to return to this amazing place that look like a desert on the coast… By lunch we will arrive in Antalya and before the evening flight we still have time to walk its narrow noisy streets and buy something in souvenir shops. In the evening we fly home (you can choose departure flights starting from 4pm on May 6).

DAY 10+ 

*Perhaps, you would like to continue your vacation… And if you have this opportunity, we advise not to miss such a unique chance and devote a couple more days to acquaintance with Turkey, which is rich in very special scenic places that appeal both to fansof active and extreme rest and to those who prefer relaxation on the sea coast. You can stay somewhere in the Turkish coast andalso visit Istanbul, Pamukkale … There are many leisure optionshere:) Usually this is exactly what the tour participants do, so you can enjoy more warm sunny days with your new friends. Believe us, the time spent with like-minded enthusiasts after the hike will make this trip even more unforgettable!

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